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I Love my Sims games and I'm a complete CC addict! I spend more time downloading CC goodies then actually playing the game.
I'm lazy, so please bear with me. I'll upload sooner or later!

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Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3


I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4




this is sooooooo stupid

do you just get a blank disc that says “no game”

that or a 10-minute loading screen then a message that says “please pay $19.99 to unlock the main menu”

She scraped together enough money for a new pair of jeans (I’m fairly sure she stole the t-shirt, although she will deny it vehemently is asked!).

Violet and Alfred decided to meet up later at a party. Since she spent the last of her money of fizzy drinks (which she spilled all over herself!), she figured she might be able to find something she could sell and buy herself some new (albeit second hand) clothes!  

Her first outing after a long bath and (reasonably) well groomed hair, she meet Alfred Charles.

Violet: “Do you think this dress is too much for class?”

Violet: "I think it’s too much.Maybe I should change my hair…"

Classmate: “… I’m TRYING to concentrate, maybe you should do the same!!”

Violet: ”Well gee, sooooryy!!”

Violet: “This uni thing is not turning out the way I imagined!”

"Maybe I should clean my self up a bit…."

Vi is sleep deprived, hungry, her roommates won’t talk to her because they’re pretty sure she has fleas (She doesn’t, at least I don’t think so) and now she just spent her last bit of money on fizzy drinks that she didn’t even get to drink! Things could NOT be worse!

The others don’t seem to like her either…not that violet seems too worried.

"I instantly regret this!…..Why are there so many people?!"

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