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I Love my Sims games and I'm a complete CC addict! I spend more time downloading CC goodies then actually playing the game.
I'm lazy, so please bear with me. I'll upload sooner or later!

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“Girls have to be strong to protect the men they love.”


anyone know what happened to theothersim ‘s blog? it just says bye….did she leave the community?

Answering a question asked about “Sims 4, and Will I be joining that Party?”


The Answer is NO. I will not be joining.  Why? click readmore.  There is a summary at the bottom for those that want the gist of my answer.

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bordelinski replied to your post: I’m so frustrated with my game!! Nothi…

Did you adjust any ini files in your program folders? Like for in game camera or graphics, you will need to have the original put back.

I did, but the never bothered me before … :/
I’ll try that then, thank you!

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I’m so frustrated with my game!! Nothing is working after reinstalling it!! I keep getting an error “Unauthorized modification….” I’ve tried removing mods, updating, reinstalling! Nothing is working! If anyone can give me any pointers, I’d be forever grateful!  

Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends’ and then start asking you random questions.


It is so ok it isnt even funny! I love to talk and would love to know my followers even more!


This is my Valentine Gift for U guys! Spiked Headband!

The headband is hat sliders comapatibile. Hope U guys like it!

Spiked Headband: DOWNLOAD

Does anyone have a copy of this they can share with me? I keep trying to download but the link doesn’t work and the tumblr leads me to a porn site. :/

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Do you like furnished houses or unfurnished houses for download?

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After 2 whole days of binge downloading and fixing and modding my game is finally ready!! Now I can go back to not posting anything!! YAY!! 

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