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I Love my Sims games and I'm a complete CC addict! I spend more time downloading CC goodies then actually playing the game.
I'm lazy, so please bear with me. I'll upload sooner or later!

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Everytime I go to your blog and see that boy on the side my heart does a flip-flop uvu <33

Hehe, thank you!
Darcy will be mighty pleased to hear that! :D

Photo shooting with Darcy, I swear, none of the other guys got poses this ridicules! 

"Bitch, please! I’m FABULOUS!"

"Heeeeeey Macarena!"

"LOL! I iz dead!"

"Sush, sush, this is my jam!"

"Where dem hot girls!"

"Honestly, does these jeans make my ass look fat?"


"This is my Beach Boys Pose!"

Change the lot type to “No Visitors Allowed” and place the lot, it automatically becomes a dorm afterwards.

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Trying to do the shannified sim thing…needless to say failing miserably! HOw DO YOU MAKE THEM SOO PRETTY?!?

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