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I Love my Sims games and I'm a complete CC addict! I spend more time downloading CC goodies then actually playing the game.
I'm lazy, so please bear with me. I'll upload sooner or later!

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"Maybe I should clean my self up a bit…."

Vi is sleep deprived, hungry, her roommates won’t talk to her because they’re pretty sure she has fleas (She doesn’t, at least I don’t think so) and now she just spent her last bit of money on fizzy drinks that she didn’t even get to drink! Things could NOT be worse!

The others don’t seem to like her either…not that violet seems too worried.

"I instantly regret this!…..Why are there so many people?!"

Off to university!

Another quite day spent fishing….the isolation and solitude is starting to feel suffocating. 









The Sims 4 should be so, in my opinion.
I believe, in my humble opinion, we need to move forward, we need a much more realistic graphics sims, or at least, is what I would like to see!
I know that the sims has always been created to allow everyone to play, but from what I’ve seen in the previews they are trying a cartoon style, and it is horrible!

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I just applied the sims 4’s logos, the models belong to Daz Studio.


If this was the sims 4 I would just die of so much SPAZZ!

Yeah!!! I want SIMS4 to be like this……

I guess I will not play SIMS4 either if they really make it cartoonish…….

Hey remember thinking that this is what TS4 would actually look like?

Yesss!! I had a failed attempt at a girl group last year, but I’m reopening that back up with a whole new group because you and circa def empowered me to do it again!!

Omg, can you imagine..?

This is what everyone was expecting LOL

but we got this:

yeah, EA just make a more plastic hair… and the feets need fingers!!.

my first sims on TS4 Demo

Another day well spent.

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